Our Services

Discover our comprehensive suite of services, including SS7, IP, Datacenter, and Engineering. We provide customized solutions to address every aspect of your network infrastructure


SS7 Connectivity

Access Sigtran M2PA and M3UA connectivity to the international SS7 network for your allocated global title numbers, regulated by your authority

SMSC Outsourcing

Rent our SMSC for efficient A2P (application to person) or P2P (person to person) short message service center usage

ANSI-ITU Translation

We offer ANSI to ITU and ITU to ANSI translation services for SS7

HLR Queries

Access our Web API to seamlessly query HLRs, determining network affiliation, activation status, and validity of specific numbers


Leverage our Web API to query SS7 commands, whether on your own global titles or for specific services, empowering you to harness valuable information from mobile networks

IP Transit

We connect your network over BGP4 to the world. Speeds from 100Mbit/sec to multiple 100GBit/sec. Wherever you are, we find a way to connect you and provide quality IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
We are connected to multiple internet exchange points directly and operate our own backbone. In 2023 we are massively expanding our European and African Backbone

Tunnel Endpoint

Gain unrestricted access to the internet with our secure VPN services or public access solutions, 
ideal for overcoming censorship or other limitations


Hosting Services

Discover Rackbone, our dedicated hosting services brand. Rent virtual machines effortlessly for your specific needs


We offer colocation space in multiple datacenter locations including Zürich, Basel, Paris, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and Freetown for your equipment needs
40 years of experience in hard & software development



We specialize in custom software development and engineering of software solutions especially around network protocols, mobile networks, low-level hardware, and communication protocols. Our expertise includes C, C++, Objective-C, and custom languages when needed


We offer custom development and engineering of hardware solutions, particularly in network and mobile infrastructure, tracking, and IoT. Our expertise ensures tailored solutions to optimize performance in these critical areas


Feel free to submit your request to obtain further information about the services we offer or to ask any questions you may have