We provide specialized and tailored training programs designed to equip your staff and developers with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles

SS7 Training

This training course caters primarily to professionals in the mobile operator industry seeking comprehensive understanding of SS7 protocols utilized in modern mobile network infrastructure. It covers protocol usage, various sub-protocols, commonly used packets, different interfaces, and variants including ITU and ANSI specifications

Diameter Training

This training course is designed for professionals in the mobile operator industry aiming to grasp the new Diameter protocols crucial for interconnecting with roaming partners in 4G networks. It provides insights into protocol usage, commonly used packets, various interfaces, and more

GSM Infrastructure Training

This training course is for people who enter the mobile network industry. The course explains the evolution of the GSM infrastructure into 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, explains the role and interaction of the various equipment items in a network

Backend Server Software Development Training

This course is for software developers writing server-side software to handle application requests and APIs. It covers pitfalls in server design, avoidance strategies, and best practices for writing server-side software and protocols

Secure Software Development Patterns Training

This training course is mainly for software developer who want to write more robust, failsave code, especially in the area of server software and network protocols

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Training

This training course is for operators of Digital Mobile Radio Networks. It explains the use of DMR in mission critical networks, its setup, configuration and use


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